A Brand Bonanza @ Plasa Focus, Leeds

Date Posted 17/05/2024
A Brand Bonanza @ Plasa Focus

The Plasa Focus event was a resounding success this year, drawing large crowds that spilled into the aisles surrounding the Prolight stand. Our stand featured fixtures from our Elumen8 professional lighting brand, along with products from Lucenti, Hollyland/ Hollyvox and LDR.

The highlight of the exhibit was the introduction of the Elumen8 Meteor 848 IP FX Panel along with the Meteor 784 IP Batten, which attracted a considerable amount of attention. These rugged, pixel zone effect fixtures are IP65 rated and feature an advanced intelligent glass technology, which simply switches between clear and frost effects via a DMX channel, eliminating the need for additional frost filters.

Visitors were equally captivated by the Lucenti range, featuring the Blackwave, PixlStripOne, PixlDotOne, and PixlNeon360, all strategically displayed at the end of the stand and visible from afar, attracting even more attendees. Lucenti continue to introduce new innovative lighting solutions and we are excited to see what the future holds.

Hollyland/Hollyvox's G51 system was another major draw, with many eager to try out the kit across the 2 halls. We will continue to add more products from this professional comms system brand.

The LDR Astro 600 Followspot also made a notable impact, shining brightly across the exhibition hall and drawing the interest of numerous theatre professionals. LDR is an Italian designed brand, synonymous with high quality, affordable theatrical lighting and accessories.

A Brand Bonanza @ Plasa Focus

Development and innovation over the years has allowed the expansion of many Elumen8 moving head series. Adaptability is at the core of many ranges, and we believe that top-quality lighting should be accessible to all. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get the best value for your investment without compromising on excellence. The Evora and Titan range of moving heads, featured at Plasa Focus continued to establish themselves as industry favourites, consistently drawing attention and becoming the go-to choice for many.

Bradley Jeffrey, Group Operations Director said “This year's Plasa Focus was one of the best we have attended. The stand was constantly busy throughout the show, and our unique and exciting products drew both familiar and new faces to discuss all things Prolight. It was also great to welcome Jeroen from our distributed brand Lucenti to assist with customer inquiries.”

A Brand Bonanza @ Plasa Focus

We utilised StreamDecks on our stand, as with previous events, allowing visitors to be able to get hands on with the products on show, showcasing their functionality and features.

Overall, the event was a remarkable opportunity for us to showcase our own and distributed brands innovative products and connect with industry professionals. There are some exciting times ahead for Prolight, not only do we have some exciting new products and distribution partnerships in the pipeline, but we will we soon be moving to our new global HQ, Edison Point in Colne – We are ‘Building Our future’ to support in building your future.

A Brand Bonanza @ Plasa Focus

To view our full product range please visit – If you require any further information our dedicated team are on hand to help with any product requirements you may have, simply drop them a call 01254 704111 or email

We look forward to seeing you next year!

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