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Everybody's Talking about Jamie!

Date Posted 15/09/2023
Everybody's Talking about Jamie!

West End Prep delivers a stunning performance of ‘Everybody's Talking about Jamie’ at the John Marley Centre in Newcastle.

The West End Prep performance company (Newcastle) has once again captivated audiences with their latest production of the hit musical ‘Everybody's Talking about Jamie’. Taking place at the John Marley Centre, an old school turned creative arts hub, this rendition of the beloved musical showcased the company's immense talent and creativity.

‘Everybody's Talking about Jamie’ tells the inspiring story of Jamie New, a sixteen-year-old boy from Sheffield who dreams of becoming a drag queen. Faced with societal pressures and the challenges of self-discovery, Jamie overcomes obstacles and embraces his true identity, ultimately inspiring others to do the same. The musical, with music by Dan Gillespie Sells and book and lyrics by Tom MacRae, has been praised for its empowering message and infectious energy.

The venue for West End Prep's performance, the John Marley Centre, holds a rich history. Originally built in 1936 as a school, it has been transformed into a vibrant arts space that nurtures creativity and talent. The old school hall, specifically, served as the setting for this immersive production.

Everybody's Talking about Jamie!

Under the expert direction of Mark Hedges, whose previous credits include successful productions like ‘The Bodyguard’ UK Tour, ‘Mary Poppins’ in London, ‘Phantom of the Opera’ in London, and ‘Les Misérables’ UK Tour, the West End Prep cast delivered a stellar performance. Hedges' expertise and attention to detail were evident in the seamless execution of the production.

The additional creatives, Kristen Spitty and Kris Manuel, contributed their artistic vision and expertise to enhance the overall experience. Musical Director Amy Mellor skillfully guided the performers, ensuring the perfect harmony of vocals and music throughout the show. Meanwhile, the lighting design by Paul Oliver of POSS Productions and sound design by Jonathan Mellor of Tyne Audio added depth and atmosphere to the performance.

Notably, the stage design, a crucial aspect of the immersive experience, was the collaborative work of Jonathan Mellor and Mark Hedges. They ingeniously transformed the space into an immersive environment, with a 9-meter-long catwalk serving as the main performance space. The catwalk was cleverly repurposed as school desks, while side benches acted as school chairs.

Tyne Audio, a trusted industry event/rental house, provided Elumen8 Evora CMY300 Zoom Spots, Global Truss GT Stage Deck for the catwalk and benches, and Global Truss F33 Standard for ground support.

Everybody's Talking about Jamie!

The Evora CMY300 Zoom Spot boasts an immensely bright 300W LED with crystal clear optics, and with an adjustable beam angle from 4.5° to 38° it can achieve tight beams through to wide washes. This feature packed head offers both static and rotating gobo wheels, linear and circular prisms, variable frost filter, high CRI filter along with motorised zoom, focus and iris. Endless colours can be achieved with CMY colour mixing, along with a colour wheel and CTO filter. Suited to rental, stage and touring the LED is flicker-free with an adjustable refresh rate. Control is via DMX, RDM, Kling-Net, Art-NET and sACN protocols, and for further convenience wireless DMX is on-board via W-DMX Sweden.

West End Prep's rendition of ‘Everybody's Talking about Jamie’ at the John Marley Centre in Newcastle was a resounding success. Audiences were treated to a remarkable and immersive performance that showcased the company's talent and dedication to their craft. With their exceptional cast, skilled creatives, and innovative stage design, West End Prep once again proved their ability to deliver outstanding productions that leave a lasting impression.

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