Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

Date Posted 15/09/2023

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Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

This year’s Plasa in London was a resounding success, our stand was packed out, not only with visitors, but with a whole host of professional fixtures. These were showcased on podiums and tables at our purpose-built stand, as well as on an impressive overhead rig which really made an impact!

Following on from last year’s stand we went with a similar concept but found ways to showcase more of our new product ranges including the Elumen8 Meteor, Evora and Impact ranges along with the ever-popular Virtuoso theatrical range and exterior LEDJ Spectra range.

Bradley Jeffrey, General Manager said “It was great to catch-up with new and existing customers, from the UK and across Europe, to discuss product requirements for their upcoming projects. This year was even busier than last - Our standout, product filled rig really drew in the crowds, and people were impressed with the vast array of fixtures we had to offer.”

Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

Product previews

It wasn’t only HOT outside at this year’s Plasa with the UKs mini heatwave… but over the last year our product development team have been working hard to get these HOT new products released ready for the show. These, along with some firm favourites, which also made the Plasa cut, are listed below:

Elumen8 mighty Meteors…

A range of rugged rental-ready feature filled IP65 rated battens and FX panel suitable for indoor and temporary outdoor applications.

Meteor 784 IP Batten and Meteor 848 IP FX Panel – Both generate intense white strobing and multicoloured pixel zone effects and feature a central strip of cool white SMD LEDs, surrounded on both sides by RGB colour mixing SMD LEDs, all divided into multiple independently controllable zones. The Intelliglass Technology® developed on these fixtures allows the user to simply switch a DMX channel and alternate between clear and frost effects eliminating the need for additional frost filters.

Meteor 150 IP Pixel Battens – Available in RGBW and HEX LED versions. They feature a 20° x 30° beam angle which smoothly washes facades in deep rich colours or pastel tones whilst the individually addressable LEDs allow for a range of pixel effects to be created on-stage.

Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

Elumen8 Evora professional moving heads…

Development and innovation over the years has allowed the expansion of the Evora series to include CMY profiles, hybrids, zoom washes and spots. Whether you're an event organiser, rental company, or lighting enthusiast, our cutting-edge range of moving heads is designed to meet your needs.

The Evoras are crafted using precision engineering, ensuring seamless movement and accurate positioning. Experience vibrant colours and gobos with prism and beam effects, allowing you to create mesmerizing lighting displays that captivate audiences. They pack a powerful punch, delivering an impressive light output that fills any venue, no matter how large or small. With user-friendly interfaces, programming is a breeze. Adaptability is at the core of the product range, and we believe that top-quality lighting should be accessible to all. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get the best value for your investment without compromising on excellence.

Evora products featured: CMY600 Profile, 740ZP and 1940ZP Zoom Washes and 200 and CMY470 Hybrids.

Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

Elumen8 Virtuoso theatrical fixtures…

Bring your next production to life with our Virtuoso series, which encompasses a vast array of products covering all your theatrical needs. With advanced WW, RGBAL and RGBALC LED systems housed in robust bodies, and offering a variety of features, these fixtures from Elumen8 really do become stars of the show. The range includes profiles, fresnels, house lights, pars, and even an IP65 rated cyc (footlight), plus a whole host of accessories to further expand the product usage. Our fixtures are designed with the latest technology and superior build quality, ensuring top-tier performance every time. Whether you're a theatre company, event planner, or lighting designer, we have the perfect solution to illuminate your stage.

Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

Virtuoso products featured: 700 CYC IP, 800 Par IP RGBALC, 700 House Light RGBALC, 1000 Profiles, 600 Profiles and 2000 Fresnel RGBAL

LEDJ IP rated Spectra exterior fixtures…

Spectra products featured: Par 30Q8 PRO, QX40 Pixel MKII, Q16HEX batten, Q6HEX flood and Q15HEX flood.

Other featured products…

LDR – Astro 600 6000K LED Followspot

Lucenti – NEW PRODUCT ALERT: PixlStripOne and PixlConverter – Coming soon to Prolight! – The Lucenti PixlStripOne with PixlConverter is an IP66 flexible pixel controllable RGB + 6000K White led strip. The black 20mm pitch strip comes in standard lengths of 1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6m and is silicone coated and mechanical stress protected. It can be mounted in an aluminium rail and fitted with different styles of plastic lenses. Connected with the PixlConverter on the PixlDrive1 or PixlDrive8Pro Lucenti drivers, it benefits from an auto set-up and auto-pixel count with output current measurement and protection, as well as from the KLSTR Technology allowing hyper efficient configuration and bi-directional monitoring.

Lynx Pro Audio – We had a selection professional installation cabinets on display.

Elumen8 – Kudos 2RE Beam, IMPACT IP65 Gobo Projectors, Fury DTW IP65 Blinders and 9RE Beam.

LEDJ – 200W COB Pars

Equinox – Blitzer Impact 384 Strobe

Prolight packed out @ PLASA, London

Behind the scenes

We would also like to say thank you to everyone behind the scenes, who make it all happen: The Prolight Team for all the hours and hard work they put in to make it a success, Adam, Tom and the Team at Yes Events, Mark, Richard and Adele at Unique Exhibitions, Nick Hansen Lighting Ltd and Alex at Colour Sound Experiment Ltd.

Dedicated team

All our products from the show can be found online at - If you didn't manage to pick up a PLASA Select Product Brochure at the show, please contact our sales team who will be happy to send one with your next order, or download here. They are also on hand to help with product requirements you may have, simply drop them a call 01254 704111 or email

We look forward to seeing you next year!

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