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A SPECTRA spectacular at Camp Wildfire

Date Posted 18/04/2023
A SPECTRA spectacular at Camp Wildfire

Who ever said you were too old for certain activities obviously never heard of Camp Wildfire! An adult summer camp where you can have adventures by day and party by night. It’s no wonder STLS Events wanted to return to highly anticipated annual music and arts festival held in the UK, taking over 100 LEDJ Spectra fixtures along for the ride.

With multiple stages hosting various genres of music, live performances, and a unique blend of culture and community, the festival attracts a diverse range of attendees. The festival organisers needed a lighting solution that would meet the demands of their fast-paced event, as well as provide a visually stunning experience for the attendees. STLS brought their expertise and experience to the table and provided high-quality lighting solutions for each stage, which heavily included exterior fixtures from our LEDJ brand.

Sam Tullett of STLS said... “At the Camp Wildfire Festival, the Spectra Flood Q15HEX and the Spectra Par 15Q8 PRO by LEDJ were used to create an immersive lighting experience. Together, they were used to create a stunning lighting display that enhanced the overall atmosphere of the festival. The fixtures were used to highlight key areas of the festival, such as the stage, food stalls, and camping areas. They were also used to create dynamic lighting effects that changed throughout the day, providing festival-goers with a constantly evolving visual experience.”

A SPECTRA spectacular at Camp Wildfire

Robust Spectra fixtures

The lighting solutions provided by STLS helped to enhance the overall atmosphere of Camp Wildfire and provided a visually stunning experience for the festival’s attendees. They used a combination of Pars and Floods from our LEDJ Spectra series, these robust fixtures delivered smooth washes of colour, ranging from intense, rich saturated hues through to pastel shades depending on what kind of atmosphere needed to be created. This series is the go-to product in the market for exterior applications due to their reliability, simple operation and easy maintenance, ensuring that events like this festival run smoothly and without any interruptions.

A SPECTRA spectacular at Camp Wildfire

Along with other fixtures, the bulk of the event was illuminated with the following LEDJ IP65 rated products:

60+ Spectra Par 15Q8 PRO – Featuring 15 x 8W quad-colours LEDs (RGBW) housed in a silent running, convection cooled, heavy-duty alloy enclosure, controllable via the onboard 4 button LED menu system for auto, static colour or master/slave modes, with the option of DMX control for larger installations.

40+ Spectra Flood Q15HEX – Featuring 15 x 10W six-colour LEDs (RGBWAUV), a 40° beam angle and OLED display with 4 button menu to facilitate control over colour mixing, colour fades, chases and DMX, all housed in a rugged, yet sleek aluminium enclosure.

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