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A dazzling display for Six the Musical by TDLX

Date Posted 23/02/2024
A dazzling display for Six the Musical

Tom Dyson and his team at TDLX had some unique lighting ideas for Six the Musical at the Drama Studio, University of Sheffield for the Splinters Theatre Group. The lighting towers suggested, and range of products utilised, really made this production pop!

The timecoded show by TDLX features some long-standing and new products from our 3 lighting brands: Elumen8, LEDJ and Equinox. The dynamic layout of the fixtures on the towers gave a depth of field to the production, not always possible with a standard rigg, creating a unique lighting show.

A dazzling display for Six the Musical by TDLX

Tom Dyson, Lighting Designer and owner of TDLX said… "This show has been, by far one of the most complex theatre shows we have done to date. From day one and initial discussions with the director, we knew the show had to have a live, concert feel. We put forward the idea of lighting towers onstage with LEDJ Pixel Storm 12 Quad MKII Battens to help create this, as well as the addition of effect lighting from Equinox Blitzer Impact 384 Strobes. Our 10 Elumen8 Evora CMY300 Zoom Washes provided gobos across the set whilst our 4 Evora CMY600 Profiles provided FOH Wash."

"Each number in the show was Timecoded via QLab software with cues and scenes in the middle of the numbers manually operated. The show runs across 12 universes of DMX, with a total of 523 lighting cues!"

A dazzling display for Six the Musical by TDLX

This individual design and chosen fixtures bolstered the exceptional performances from the cast, highlighting key moments in the production, from powerful beams and vibrant strobe effects through to seamless stage washes.

Featured fixtures…

Elumen8 Evora CMY300 Zoom Spot

Elumen8 Evora CMY600 Profile

LEDJ Pixel Storm 12 Quad MKII

Equinox Blitzer Impact 384 Strobes

We look forward to seeing what is next from the team at TDLX.

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