SY cable is designed to be used as interconnecting cable between fixed and mobile equipment in conveyors, assembly lines, production lines and machine tool manufacture where the galvanised steel wire braid armour gives excellent mechanical protection. It is commonly used in a wide number of industries including building and construction, rail and transport etc. This cable is also used by electricians in certain fixed installations where only light mechanical stress may occur. This cable is best suited to conditions indoors; it can also be used outdoors but should be protected.

  • Cross section: 6mm²
  • Max outer diameter: 16.7mm
  • Weight per km: 572kg
Stock code CABL349PM
Barcode / EAN 0735202932988
Commodity Code 9405499090
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
Order Code: CABL349PM

SY Cable Armoured Flexible Control Cable 6mm 5 Core Cable – Cut Length

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