The TL-A220 line array tower lift has been designed for lifting line array audio systems from the ground and keep them fix at high altitude. It has 2 special aluminium brace bars fixed from the legs to the aluminium base section to reinforce the body of the lifter. This lifting tower is very compact and easy to handle, has 4 swivel wheels at the base and fits through most doorways. The TL-A220 features the ALS Red locks of VMB, which automatically blocks each section while lifting, an inertial pendulum ILS safety system for the aluminium lifting carriage and a special SRS Retentor system, which guarantees that the towerlift will raise the aluminium sections orderly and automatically.

  • Working footprint (W x D): 2.1 x 1.6m (6.9 x 5.2ft)
  • Folded height: 1.72m (5.6ft)
  • Winch: 900kg (1890lb)
  • Adaptor forks: 0.75m (array forks included)
  • Weight: 111kg (244.7lb)
Stock code STAN204
Barcode / EAN 08436554950270
Commodity Code 9403208000
Country Of Origin Spain
Order Code: STAN204

TL-A220 Line Array Lifter 5.5m 220kg

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