The Helix Roller XP is a powerful barrel which packs a punch over long distances thanks to its superior optics and high output 150W LED. The motorised focus allows crisp gobos to be projected, whilst the multi-faceted rotating barrel allows for projections to cover a large area. All 8 gobos are interchangeable along with a separate colour wheel featuring 9 colours plus open. To further enhance this effect, an additional 11-piece gobo pack is also included to cover many popular events and celebrations. Clever programming allows users to select a single gobo and then have specific colours from the colour wheel added to them manually, whilst being activated automatically or via sound. The Helix Roller XP can be linked with the Helix Scan XP and Helix XP to create synchronised shows.

  • Power consumption: 175W
  • Power supply: 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse: T3.15A 250V
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 470mm x 310mm x 170mm
  • Weight: 7kg
Stock code EQLED205
Commodity Code 9405499090
Order Code: EQLED205

Helix Roller XP 150W Barrel

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